Monday, August 13, 2018

The Fountainhead of Spirit

"We must develop an art of education that can lead us out of the social chaos into which we have fallen during the last few years and decades. Our chances of overcoming this chaos are very slight. In fact, one is tempted to say that there is no escaping this chaos unless we find a way to bring spirituality into human souls through education, so that human beings may find a way to progress and to further the evolution of civilization out of the spirit itself. We feel confident that this is the right way to proceed, because in our hearts we know that the world is created in spirit and arises in spirit. Therefore, human creation will be fruitful only when it springs from the fountainhead of spirit itself. To achieve such fruitful creation from spirit, however, people must also be educated and taught in the spirit."
~ Rudolf Steiner, The Roots of Education

Thank you, Kathy Donchak!