Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Day By Day Make It New: Regret Nohing

Rudolf Steiner:  "A healthy life...will never lead us to regard life as something we are weary of. A life lived in a really healthy way will lead us, when we are older, to desire to begin this life again anew and afresh each day. It is not healthy to think, once grown old: Thank God life is nearly over! At the age of 40 or 50 one feels that one would like to go back and start the whole thing all over again. And it is healthy if we acquire a wisdom that comforts us by showing that, although we cannot do so in this life, in a future life we will be able to remedy and redress what was imperfect in this one. It is healthy to look back on what we have experienced without regretting any of it, without wishing anything had not happened, and to find the wisdom that teaches us that we can wait for another life for things not vouchsafed to us in this one."