Thursday, July 23, 2009

Verse for the Esoteric School, by Rudolf Steiner

I bear within me peace;
Within myself I bear forces to make me strong.
With the warmth of these forces I shall be imbued.
With the power of my will I shall be filled.
And then I shall feel
How peacefulness pours through all my being
As I strengthen myself
To find peace as strength within myself
Through steadfast inner striving.

Grace before meals, by Rudolf Steiner

Substance of Earth
Essence of Light
Grace of Heaven
In us unite.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

13 ways of looking at my guru: #8. Uncle Ernie

A man is complaining to a friend about Uncle Ernie, who has just moved into a spare room in his house as a member of the family: "He's absolutely insane. He thinks he's a chicken. I'm not kidding: he really does fully believe that he's an actual chicken!"

"Well then why live with such an insane person? Why not simply kick him out of your house?"

"We would, but we need the eggs."

Be Here Now

Meditative verse given by Rudolf Steiner to Ita Wegman on December 21, 1920

The human being is a bridge
between the past and the future.
The present is a moment—
moment as bridge.
Spirit grown to soul
in matter's husk
comes from the past:
soul growing to spirit
as seed encased
journeys toward the future.
Grasp future things
through past ones:
hope for evolving things
through what has evolved.
So grasp existence
in evolving growth:
so grasp what will be
in what exists.