Thursday, July 23, 2009

Verse for the Esoteric School, by Rudolf Steiner

I bear within me peace;
Within myself I bear forces to make me strong.
With the warmth of these forces I shall be imbued.
With the power of my will I shall be filled.
And then I shall feel
How peacefulness pours through all my being
As I strengthen myself
To find peace as strength within myself
Through steadfast inner striving.

1 comment:

  1. Spirit of God
    Fill Thou me,
    Fill me in my soul.
    To my Soul give strength
    Strength also to my heart,
    My heart that seeks for Thee,
    Seeks Thee with earnest longing.
    Longing to be whole and well,
    Whole and well and full of courage
    Courage the gift from the hand of God,
    Gift from Thee, O Spirit of God.
    Spirit of God,
    Fill Thou me.