Friday, January 17, 2020

The Kingdom of Love

For God so loved the world

Rudolf Steiner:

If we go further back in time, we find plants that were later petrified into these other minerals. All dead matter has come forth from a single life. If all life were one day to be petrified, the Earth would become a rigid body. Our plants of today are entities that have managed to preserve life from an earlier age, when it was universal. Part became petrified, but another part succeeded in maintaining life. The ancient forests of ferns became petrified; a new kingdom arose, upon which new life then walked. At first there was an age in which there was only life; then came a new age in which part became petrified and a young plant kingdom arose beside it. The mineral kingdom is not chaotic, but rather beautifully organized; there is wisdom in it. The entire framework of the Earth is construed with wisdom. The plant kingdom preserved life, but we can trace life itself back to an even higher kingdom. We can think of all living things as having come forth from this higher kingdom. It is the kingdom of love. A primal being must have existed there, a being that sheltered love within it. From that being, the kingdom of life separated itself off, and from this kingdom of life the kingdom of wisdom separated off. Besides this, a younger kingdom of love was split off from the original kingdom of love.

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Source: The Christian Mystery: lecture of March 30, 1906; from Love and Its Meaning in the World, pp. 31-32.

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