Friday, January 17, 2020

Help those who suffer, for you exist to help

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Rudolf Steiner:

It would be wrong to withhold aid from someone suffering by saying: “You yourself are the cause of the trouble” — refuse him help because it must work itself out. That is a misunderstanding of karma. Karma, to the contrary, says to you: “Help him who suffers, for you exist to help.” You help to improve the credit balance of the karmic account of necessity when aiding your fellow man. You give him the opportunity and the strength to carry his karma; and you, to that extent, are a redeemer from evil .
In a similar way, instead of helping the single individual, one can come to the assistance of a whole group or nation of man.
When a mighty individuality like that of the Christ Jesus comes to the aid of entire humanity, it is his sacrifice in death which permeates the karma of mankind. He helped to carry the karma of the whole of humanity, and we may be quite sure that redemption through Christ Jesus was absorbed and assimilated by the totality of human karma.
The fundamental significance of the resurrection and redemption concept will be made really comprehensible only through spiritual science. A Christianity of the future will unite karma with redemption. 

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