Wednesday, January 8, 2020

The deeply human quality of supersensible knowledge

Rudolf Steiner:  "It is indeed so, that when out of real knowledge we begin to describe supersensible man, we find ourselves quite naturally turning away from abstract, theoretical expressions. We cannot help speaking a language in which the whole feeling-content of the human soul is united with the ideas. In all our study of supersensible man we must realize in the depths of our hearts that knowledge of the supersensible cannot be clothed in words without making will and feeling one with thoughts and ideas, without letting our whole being pour into the words. Life has, we all know well, to be endured, and much that life brings is hard to bear. But for one who is conscious of the deeply human quality of supersensible knowledge, the thing that is hardest of all is to listen to this supersensible knowledge being expressed in theories and abstractions. The pain that is caused him by hearing people speak of the supersensible world in a theoretical manner is just like the physical pain caused to a finger by putting it into a flame."


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