Monday, January 13, 2020

Imaginative Knowledge, Inspired Knowledge, and Intuitive Knowledge: Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts #29, #30, #31

Rudolf Steiner:

29. In the evolved Imaginative knowledge there works what lives as soul and spirit in the inner life of man, fashioning the physical body in its life, and unfolding man's existence in the physical world on this bodily foundation. Over against the physical body, whose substances are renewed again and again in the process of metabolism, we here come to the inner nature of man, unfolding itself continuously from birth (or conception) until death. Over against the physical Space-body, we come to a Time-body.

30. In the Inspired knowledge there lives, in picture-form, what man experiences in a spiritual environment in the time between death and a new birth. What man is in his own being and in relation to cosmic worlds — without the physical and etheric bodies by means of which he undergoes his earthly life — is here made visible.

31. In the Intuitive knowledge there comes to consciousness the working-over of former earthly lives into the present. In the further course of evolution these former lives have been divested of their erstwhile connections with the physical world. They have become the purely spiritual kernel of man's being, and, as such, are working in his present life. In this way, they too are an object of knowledge — of that knowledge which results with the further unfolding of the Imaginative and the Inspired.

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