Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Not I, but Christ in me

Rudolf Steiner:  "It may perhaps take years of trying, but the passing years stand us in good stead, for the fact that we get older as we do the exercises is a great help in enabling something to happen. Constant attempts to concentrate our soul life upon our self-directed mental images by means of meditation results in the development of our imaginative life. This means that we no longer need only to use pictures and mental images that we ourselves put together, but that such pictures, such imaginations, themselves appear as objective entities in the soul, and in fact, we can live in such imaginations. It is only when we have prepared ourselves in the way I have described that these imaginations no longer arise out of the body, but out of the life of the soul. But we also become conscious of gradually following an inner necessity. In living in this world of pictures — for it is the imaginative world that we first experience — we gradually cease to believe that we can arrange the pictures as we please, but that we are bound to certain laws, just as we are bound to laws in the outer world."

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