Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Going off the rails on a crazy train

Rudolf Steiner:  "It's essential that we follow the prevailing conceptual Gestalt only so long as its concepts allow us to find our way back to reality again."

"Gentlemen, start your engines!"

"You are trying to measure the universe with a foot ruler."
— Swamiji, frequently

Rudolf Steiner:  "It is the head — that part of us which has made itself quite independent of the Earth — that has contracted the world-movements into the abstraction of the three dimensions. We have the Copernican conception of the universe, designed for us by the least appropriate instrument, the head, the essential characteristic of which is its emancipation from cooperation in the world-movements. It would be somewhat as though you wished to obtain an idea, shall we say, of the movement of a railway train in which you are traveling, from a picture of it you draw with your hand, without reference to the movement of the train, but solely according to your own ideas. You draw something; you make yourself independent. But you cannot consider such a drawing as depicting the movement of the railway train; it has nothing whatever to do with it! And just as little to do with the world-process has a picture of it that we have designed according to external spatial astronomy, using for the purpose the instrument that is the most inadequate for its conception."

Rudolf Steiner:  "If man continues to think so abstractly as has by now become the custom, if he goes on living entirely in abstract thoughts, he will, as it were, externalize himself, he will become something altogether external."

Source of last quote: CW 201, lecture 2, as cited in Interdisciplinary Astronomy, volume 2, 2nd edition, pp. 110-111.
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January 4, 1921. Interdisciplinary Astronomy, p. 64

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