Saturday, August 26, 2017

The wellspring of our being : "In this nothingness I will find the All" : each of us is a note in the symphony of life

My soul magnifies the Lord and delights in his name

Rudolf Steiner: 
     "If, during our life after death, we look back at our death, above all we have the feeling and the ideational impression that where we died, from then on, there is nothing, not even space. As I said, it is difficult to describe, but it is so: nothing is there. And expressed in an outer way: the whole thing from its foundations appears splendid, exalted, because everywhere other than that place a new world arises for us. The flooding spiritual world surges in from all sides, but nothing is there of the place where we died.
     To describe these things theoretically in this way might seem grim, but there is nothing grim after death about this perception. A deep fulfillment wells up in the soul from this perception after death. One learns to expand into the whole world and to look back upon something in the world that is as if empty. And from this arises the feeling: that is my place in the world; the place that is made of all the far expanses, and that is mine. And one has the perception that precisely from this emptiness one gains a sense of the meaning of the whole world; that every single human existence ~ one has it of course first as an explanation for oneself ~ must be there. "This place would always be empty if I were not there" ~ so each soul tells itself. The perception is that each one is given a place as a person in the universe. This perception, which is incredibly warming internally, arises from this observation: the whole world is there and the whole world has sent forth, as out of a symphony, the single note that is the person. And this note must be there, or there would be no world. This feeling is what arises from looking back on our experience of death. It remains because it primarily gives self-awareness to the I-consciousness between death and rebirth."

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