Thursday, August 24, 2017

Every Morning, Every Evening

Rudolf Steiner:
Let us then set to work to discipline our will, let us endeavor to awaken within us each morning and each evening:

In the Morning:
O Michael, I commend myself to thy protection.
With all the forces of my heart I place myself
under thy leadership, that the day now beginning
may be indeed a picture of the right ordering of destiny
that belongs to thy Being.
In the Evening:

I carry my sorrow into the setting Sun.
I lay all my cares in its shining lap.
These my cares come back to me filled with
glowing light, warmed through and through with love,
come back to me as helping thoughts, as power to carry out deeds that are filled with the joy of sacrifice.

Another translation:


O Michael,
Under your protection I place myself,
With your guidance I connect myself,
So that this day becomes an image
Of your destiny-ordering Will.
I carry my sorrows into the setting sun,
Place all my worries into her radiating womb,
Purified in love, transformed into light,
They return as helping thoughts,
As strength for self-sacrificing deeds.

Rudolf Steiner, 
Lecture, November 27, 1919

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