Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Anthroposophy : Heartfelt Understanding : The Redemption of Thinking Through Compassionate Love

Rudolf Steiner:  "There are many, many people who have an open heart and good understanding for where modern human beings find themselves, who have an open mind and a good understanding for what can already be seen today. They understand the karmic situation of the crisis I have just described: how children no longer understand their parents; parents no longer understand their children; siblings no longer understand each other; and different people no longer understand each other. There are already enough people today to confront this situation, which is necessary, but which can be turned to the good only through truly heartfelt understanding. For the impulse for this new work for the world must flow consciously from the blood of the heart. The estrangement of individuals from one another will come about independently. What will have to stream forth from human hearts must be sought consciously."


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