Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Coronavirus, 5G, and the Pineal Gland

Rudolf Steiner:  "Our contemporary culture is itself creating those horrifying monsters which will threaten the human being. You need only look at the huge machines which human technology is today constructing so ingeniously. The human being is creating demons for himself, which in the future will rage against him. Everything that he builds today in the way of technical appliances and machines will assume life in the future and oppose him in terrible enmity. Everything which is created for mere utility to satisfy individual or collective egoism will be the human being's enemy in the future."

n.b.: Pamela Shanks has determined that this Steiner quote is from a lecture given January 16, 1908 and may be found in Guidance in Esoteric Training. and Andrew Linnell has determined that it's on p. 112.

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