Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Logos : The Holy Spirit of the Earth : Christ

Rudolf Steiner, May 26, 1908:

"Had the Event of Golgotha not occurred, the Earth and the Sun would never be able to reunite. For through the Event of Golgotha, which bound the force of the Elohim in the Sun to the Earth — in other words, the force of the Logos — the impulse was given which will again eventually impel one Logos-force toward the other, and finally once more unite them — Sun and Earth — in one body. Since the Event of Golgotha, the Earth, spiritually observed, is possessed of the force to draw the Sun again into a unity with it. Therefore it can be said that through this great Event, the force of the Logos, which formerly radiated down upon the Earth from without, was now taken up into its spiritual being. The question may be asked, what existed previously within the body of the Earth? It was that force which streamed down upon it from the Sun. But since that time, what exists there within the Earth? The Logos itself, which through Golgotha has become the Spirit of the Earth. As truly as your soul and spirit dwell within your physical body, do also the soul and spirit of the Earth dwell within the body of the Earth — that earthly body which consists of stones, plants, and animals and upon which you tread. This soul and spirit, this Earth Spirit, is the Christ. Christ is the Spirit of the Earth. "

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