Monday, July 15, 2019

You and Your Mother

Rudolf Steiner:  "As an individual draws near to the moment of entering into the earth once again, he or she forms an imagination in the soul of the parents through whom this re-entry will be made. How the individual is led to these parents is connected with human karma. This is something that bears repeating. But what I want to draw our attention to today is the fact that the person who is moving toward birth already has an interior image of what is physically present on the earth; in particular, the individual has an image of the mother. So the individual who is moving toward birth is primarily looking out toward the mother. Now, the image of the father — and I would ask you to bear this in mind, because it is a very significant thing — is there only insofar as the mother has the image of the father within her soul. In other words, the father is seen through the image that the mother carries of the father within her soul."

Source: CW 161, page 54 {2/2/1915}

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