Saturday, July 20, 2019

Envy hardens into criticism

Rudolf Steiner:  "When a person notices an envious tendency, and tries to get rid of this habit, Lucifer says: I am in danger of losing him or her. Lucifer and Ahriman are both hostile to people, but the two of them are good friends. Lucifer calls on Ahriman to help and converts envy into another quality. Envy undergoes a metamorphosis that appears in the human soul as an urge to criticize others. When this is the case, Ahriman has clutched the person.... If one follows up either young enviers or critics, one will see that young people who were consumed by envy become unsure of themselves in old age. They cannot get on any firm ground, relate to other people, or take care of their own affairs.... People who developed a lot of envy in an earlier life are born again as persons who already have something in their outer bodily organization that makes them helpless."

Getting Old, 257f

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