Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Please refresh my memory

My latest Intuitive Health Reading from the School of Metaphysics

[FYI: I’m 72 years old. —Larry]

June 24, 2019. 
You will examine the essence of this entity throughout, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet. You will relate all disorders as seen, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and you will also relate those things necessary for the correction of any disorder.

We see within the mental system that there is an assimilation going on within this one. We see that there have been many accomplishments that this one has gained, there has been much that this one has learned and ways that this one has matured and ways that this one has grown spiritually, and there is a kind of sense of satisfaction and contentment that this one is experiencing at this time. Would suggest to this one that that of writing this one’s memoirs would be beneficial to this one, for in this assimilation this one can use the writing to describe this one’s life, this one’s experiences, what this one gained through those experiences, how this one changed, and how this one has become the person that this one is at this time. This can be only for this one, or it can be for the use of others, it can be used for leaving for family members — whatever this one chooses. The expression of this is important for this one at this time. For there have been many experiences — many that in some ways this one has forgotten. Therefore would suggest to this one, as this one is writing down this one’s memories and this one’s memoirs, to address others within this one’s life who have shared this one’s life, and ask for anecdotes from them. For this can re-enliven the memories that have been forgotten and can round out this one, especially this one discovering what other people remember about this one and what other people think about this one. Would suggest this one to devote this one to this at this time.

We see that within the emotional system that there is a kind of contentment, resting, that this one is experiencing. We see also that there is a kind of discontent at the back of this one’s mind for what this one feels as though this one needs to do. Would suggest to this one at this time to particularly focus upon what this one has accomplished, what experiences this one has had. Would suggest to this one to put these in a story form and these can be related to others, these can be related to younger people in the form of teaching. Would suggest to this one to re-enliven this one’s sense of humor in this. For there is much beauty that has been within this one’s life that can be shared, and needs to be shared, with others.

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