Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Our core response to everything that happens is gratitude

Rudolf Steiner:  "The subconscious feels a sense of gratitude toward every impression, quite irrespective of what occurs in our conscious mind. Someone can be standing in front of you and hurl the worst insults in your face and yet it is still true to say that your subconscious feels a certain sense of gratitude toward these impressions. This sense of gratitude exists because everything that touches on the deeper elements of our being enriches our life, really enriches it. Even all unpleasant impressions enrich it. This has no bearing on how we have to respond to outer impressions. Our conscious response or reaction has nothing to do with what occurs subconsciously, where everything leads only to a certain sense of gratitude. Our subconscious takes every impression as a gift for which it feels gratitude."


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