Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Rudolf Steiner:  "I need to point out how difficult it is for any individual to be open to spiritual science if he is up to his ears in what will come his way if he succumbs entirely to the superficial trends that dominate all areas of modern thought."

"Turn my eyes from worthless things,
and give me life through your Word."
Psalm 119:37

Rudolf Steiner:  "Those striving to become ripe for esoteric development must widen the circle of their interests beyond everyday life. They must get away from the things that otherwise keep us going from morning to night, and must reach out to interests that move on the great horizon of the world."

"Read not the Times, read the Eternities" — Thoreau

Things in the world's spaces
Speak to human senses,
Changing in the course of time.
By cognizing, the human soul,
Unbounded by the distances of space
And undisturbed by the course of time,
Penetrates into the kingdom of eternities.

                                              Rudolf Steiner

Es sprechen zu den Menschensinnen
die Dinge in den Raumesweiten,
Sie wandeln sich im Zeitenlaufe.
Erkennend dringt die Menschenseele,
von Raumesweiten unbegrenzt
und ungestoert durch Zeitenlauf,
ins Reich der Ewigkeiten.

OM   (W)OM(B)   (T)OM(B)   OM

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