Thursday, August 26, 2021

What the world needs now is anthroposophy


Rudolf Steiner:  "Who will solve our social problems? Those who debate them in theoretical terms? No, never. The anthroposophical outlook, and love, will solve them. And however paradoxical this may sound, humanity will soon not even be able to cultivate potatoes—potato quality is getting worse and worse—without anthroposophy. How can this be? Today humanity does many things instinctively, but such instincts will increasingly fade. Why? Because a time has now come when instinct must become conscious. And because of this people will not know how to grow crops any more without acquainting themselves with anthroposophical truths about the nature of the soil, the forces active in it, and so on."

Source: June 14, 1911. The Mission of the New Spirit Revelation, p. 154

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