Thursday, August 26, 2021

What the world needs now is anthroposophy


Rudolf Steiner:  "If we ask ourselves why anthroposophy has only arrived on the scene now and did not previously exist, the answer is because there was once a primordial wisdom that shaped and informed people without them needing to do anything about it. This was a kind of inheritance that people received from Old Moon [the previous incarnation of the Earth], and with it they could penetrate the world of spirit. It lasted until the Christian era, and then people ceased being able to directly assimilate spiritual wisdom. Now we must first imbue the soul with spiritual-scientific knowledge, and this will become the power enabling us in future to enter the world of spirit and illumine it with our inner light. Conditions alter from era to era as humanity evolves. All esotericists know that there is a wisdom that originated on Old Moon whose vestiges still worked on into the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries. This meant that when people entered the world of spirit they perceived the light there that shone without their involvemenet. But today we could assimilate as much as we liked of this ancient wisdom passed down as legacy to humanity, and it would no longer shine once we had passed through the gate of death. Only the wisdom we absorb through Christ by saying 'Not I, but Christ in me' will be a beacon for our future passage through the gate of death. And so we absorb a science of the spirit pervaded by Christ and thereby possess a source of light in the astral body when we cross the threshold."

Source: February 3, 1911. The Mission of the New Spirit Revelation, pp. 60-61

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