Sunday, August 22, 2021

Karma: What goes around comes around. There are no others.



Rudolf Steiner:  "Let us imagine that we face someone who meets us with disparagement and insult. If we have dwelt long enough upon the teachings of reincarnation and karma, we will be able to ask who it is who has uttered injurious or insulting words that have penetrated our ears and overwhelmed us with their scorn, and may even have raised their hand to strike us. And we will be able to reply:  We ourselves!  The hand is only seemingly that of the other person, for I am myself the person who, through my past karma, solicited the blow that the other has given me."


Washed in the Blood of the Lamb are We
Awash in a Sonburst Sea
You—Love—and I—Love—and Love Divine:
We are the Trinity

You—Love—and I—We are One-Two-Three
Twining Eternally
Two—Yes—and One—Yes—and also Three:
One Dual Trinity
Radiant Calvary
Ultimate Mystery

Source: June 5, 1911. The Mission the the New Spirit Revelation, p. 140

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