Monday, February 22, 2021

The living bedrock of my being


from Rudolf Steiner's Weekly Calendar of the Soul


Joy Will Arise

From the worldwide womb will rise

the joy of growth, enlivening the senses’ glory;

and may it find my strength of thought

defended by the strength of God,

the living bedrock of my being.

Rudolf Steiner: "In older languages the self was not specifically designated, for it was contained within the verb. The ‘I’ was not directly mentioned. The verb was used to show what one was doing, and this was what indicated that one was speaking about oneself. There was no name for the self. It only came about in later times that the human being gave his self a name, and in our German language that name [ich] contains the initials of Jesus Christ, which is an important symbolic fact." [Iesus CHristus: ICH]


Thank you, Hazel!!!


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