Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Rudolf Steiner: A Voice From Afar

From The Novices of Sais by Novalis:  "I heard a voice say from afar that the incomprehensible is solely the result of incomprehension, which seeks what it has and therefore can never make further discoveries."

Rudolf Steiner:  "In my lectures here I have often had to point out that although spiritual science has to be garnered from the spiritual world through Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition, nevertheless the results of this research are perfectly accessible to ordinary common sense. Only if we cling to old prejudices are we prevented from finding sufficient strength of soul to approach the results of spiritual research with an unbiased mind. The objections so often raised against the results of spiritual research today are the product of an indefinable fear, deeply rooted in the soul. People today are afraid of the results of spiritual research. Everything produced by human civilization over recent centuries so strongly contradicts this spiritual science that it appears to most people to be something entirely strange and unknown. People are always afraid of the unknown but they will not admit that they are afraid, so they clothe their fear in so-called logical refutations, logical criticism. Once you see through this you realize that the logic of those who oppose spiritual science is in fact nothing but an excuse made by their soul for the fear they have of it."

August 24, 1923. From Rudolf Steiner Speaks to the British, p. 213

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