Friday, September 20, 2019

Anthroposophy: the most heartfelt offering of soul

Rudolf Steiner, August 18, 1923:

"Anthroposophy, after all, is what leads us above and beyond events that happen in space and time.... We must find new paths today because we have become a new humanity.... Wherever we look we see that the magnificent external material culture which humanity has founded over the past three to four centuries is no longer enough. This culture is like a physical body which has spread out over a great part of the Earth in all its material perfection but which, like everything that is to live, is crying out for soul and spirit. In the end it will be anthroposophy which bestows soul and spirit on the physical body that has come into being in such a magnificent manner in the external, material civilization of recent times."

"Knowledge should become the most heartfelt offering of soul."
— Rudolf Steiner

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