Monday, September 9, 2019

Dotting the i in Jeremy Bearimy

Rudolf Steiner:  "Will the humanity — what remains of us — which will inhabit a future planet, will this humanity still think?  Just as little as a new race will speak the same language as the previous one, just so little will the future humanity still think. It is laughable to ask in our thoughts what Divinity is. On the next planet, man will not think but will comprehend the surrounding world by means of another activity having a form quite different from thought on this planet. Thinking is something connected with us. When we explain the world by means of thought, this world-explanation is for ourselves alone. This is of immensely wide import because the individual sees how as a member of humanity he is also spun into the threads of karma and how he lives and weaves into the whole karmic web. When the Eastern occultist expounds such things he says: Our whole life is of such a nature that we seem to be surrounded by the boundaries of speaking and thinking. If we do away with these, for the ordinary man hardly anything is left. That something is still left to him when he has gone beyond all this, is the result of esotericism. What then remains is the experience of Nirvana. The Planetary Spirit who represents the Being of the World is now incarnated in thinking, but in the future will be incarnated in something else."

Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queens
"Dotting the i in Jeremy Bearimy"

October 11, 1905

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