Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Nearer, My God, To Thee

Rudolf Steiner:  "That which Christ killed, which was actually sacrificed after he had partaken of the Last Supper, is the physical body. This dies. For the whole of humanity this will die. Toward the middle of the Sixth Root-Race, in the last third, there will no longer be a physical body. Then the entire human being will again be etheric. It will pass over into the finer substance. But this will not happen if man himself does not bring it about. For this he must first pass over to the nourishment which he prepares in the laboratory. So that man, in so far as he no longer takes his nourishment from Nature, but gains it from his own wisdom, from the God within him, so far does he also hasten toward his own deification. When man begins to nourish himself, the foundation will also be laid for something higher, that is, self-reproduction. From the mineral world he will gradually create life for himself."

November 4, 1905

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