Tuesday, March 13, 2018

What the world needs now is anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner:  "Clairvoyant research translated into human concepts, and thus pictured or understood, must then become a living content in people so that they realize they are beings whose existence is not bound solely to earthly reality between birth and death. They must know that they are beings for whom earthly life is only a phase, a transitory stage of metamorphosis. Everything that can inform human sensibility as living content of this kind, through anthroposophy, must take root in the soul. Then people know that they belong to worlds of spirit, and also that the tasks of earthly existence are given them from these worlds. But secondly, too, this gives them a sense of responsibility toward worlds of spirit. It raises them beyond mere earth existence — though not in a way that induces them to flee it or denigrate it in a kind of airy-fairy mysticism. No, our tasks in life, and consequently the whole character and cadence of our life on Earth, must be drawn from the supersensible world. In our times it is particularly important that we first learn to attend to what can be stated through clairvoyant research, and that we then endeavor to understand the content of this research by our healthy common sense, making this content into something we work upon in life, illumining life with the tasks that arise from  it, and enhancing our sense of responsibility toward worlds of spirit."