Saturday, March 17, 2018

A communication received by Countess Keyserlingk after Rudolf Steiner's death

Rudolf Steiner

“It was on the morning of Rudolf Steiner’s cremation, which I did not attend. The earthly body of the great Teacher was still laid out near to where I stood in the room of the carpentry shop, when close to me the aura of the beloved Teacher appeared. From this aura the instruction came that I should write. I took paper and pencil and from his presence came the following words – Often I could not write quickly enough, then he stopped and waited until I had caught up with writing, as Rudolf Steiner had done on earlier occasions when he was dictating something to me: 
‘My mission is ended. What I was able to give human beings at their present level of maturity, I have given them.
I go away, because I found no ears able to hear the spirit-word behind the word.
I go away, because I found no eyes able to behold the spirit-pictures behind the earthly pictures –
I go away, because I found no human beings able to bring my will to realization.
The Mysteries remain veiled or hidden until I come again.
I will come again and unveil the Mysteries when I have succeeded in establishing in spirit-worlds an altar, a place of worship, for human souls. Then I will come again, then I will continue to reveal the Mysteries. Responsibility for my death is borne by those who have suppressed the culture of the heart.
If human beings had gone through their hearts and penetrated into the depths they would have found the strength to fulfill the tasks of the present age.’"

Tarjei Straume comments:
"This is nonsensical delusional spiritualism. The rhythmic rhetorical tone (I go away, because…) is typical of that and totally our of character for RS. The notion that “The Mysteries remain veiled or hidden until I come again” looks like something the opponents would say, like the Jesuits. They’ll say Steiner didn’y teach you anything, wait instead until we’ve built the altar you’ll be looking for. The tone is hostile and dismissive. The dead don’t use earthly language and especially not sentences containing nouns. Auras don’t dictate “instructions.” Incredible and discouraging to see that anthroposophists who obviously haven’t done their spiritual-scientific homework are falling for this hook, line and sinker, but it’s not surprising."

Tarjei Straume comments further:
This is the kind of “spiritual” practice that Steiner opposed vehemently, but it’s very common in spiritualistically oriented theosophical literature; it’s nothing less than unadulterated materialistic hogwash. It’s understandable that some people might go for it in 1925 when in mourning and not thinking straight, and perhaps it’s not so strange today either when considering all the cockamamie conspiracy tales they subscribe to – yet another example of dragging spiritual teachings into the sticky mud of ahrimanic materialism."