Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Kundalini Rising : Anthroposophy : The Greening of the Human Being

Revelation 2:17:  "And I will give him a white stone, and in that stone a name written, which no man knoweth save him that receiveth it."

Not I, but Christ in me


Nagapushpam ["Serpent Flower"]

"And so all the blood that was contained in this body [of Jesus on the Cross] flowed out of it: around four to five liters of living, foaming blood poured into the basin of rock at the foot of the Cross. We have already said that this rock was green in color. But this was not so beforehand. Before the holy blood touched the stone it was yellowish white in color, like all the other rocks in Jerusalem. When the living blood touched it, however, the rock sank down, forming a vessel-like basin, and changing its color to green." —Judith von Halle, Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood, pp. 80-81.



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