Thursday, January 18, 2018

Anthroposophy: New Wine

Rudolf Steiner:  "Anthroposophically oriented spiritual science aims to uncover true reality, and therefore it cannot be founded on the model provided by religious confessions of the past. That, you see was what one suffered from so terribly in the course of the old theosophical movement. What more was the old theosophical movement than just that people wanted a sort of select religion? It consisted in no new impulse proceeding from the civilization of Europe itself. It consisted merely in emotions, which were to be had out of the old religious element just as well. Only people had grown tired of these old religious concepts and ideas and feelings, and so had taken up something else. But the same atmosphere pervaded it as pervaded the old persuasion. They wanted to feel good, with an evangelical sort of goodness if they had been evangelicals, or with a Catholic kind of goodness if they had been Catholics; but they did not at bottom want the thing really needed, namely, an truly new religious impulse alongside other impulses; and this was because the European population had become accustomed to a life imbued with an alien, Asiatic religious impulse."