Friday, March 10, 2017

Our God Is A Consuming Fire: The Sulphuric Nature Of The Holy Spirit, The Ego Of The Universe

Figure 3

Rudolf Steiner:  "There is an old saying in respect of man: “Blood is a very special fluid” — and we can truly say: the human ego, pulsating in the blood, finds there its physical expression. More accurately speaking, however, it is in the carbon — weaving and wielding, forming itself, dissolving the form again. It is on the paths of this carbon — moistened with sulphur — that the spiritual being which we call the ego of man moves through the blood. And as the human ego — the essential Spirit of man — lives in the carbon, so in a manner of speaking the ego of the Universe lives as the Spirit of the Universe — lives via the sulphur in the carbon as it forms itself and ever again dissolves the form."

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