Friday, April 10, 2015

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Rudolf Steiner:  "The important aspect that distinguishes Christianity from other religious creeds is that the old religions were teachings, whereas the essential aspect of Christianity is the deed of Golgotha, and this essential aspect must be followed by further deeds. It is therefore not a primary and fundamental priority that people should have the Gospels explained to them. What is essential is that Christianity should seek a real and genuine connection with the Mystery of Golgotha. Under the influence of intellectualism in recent times, Christianity has adopted intellectualistic forms of its own. This has even led to the famous statement that Jesus has no place in the Gospels. This would mean more or less that the content of the Gospels may be accepted as teachings while no account need be taken of the teacher from whom they stem. God the Father alone has a place in the Gospels, so it is said. This is tantamount to implying that the important thing about the Mystery of Golgotha was that Christ Jesus appeared and gave teachings about the Father. But this is not the essential aspect at all. The essential aspect is that the Deed was done on Golgotha, that Christ Jesus lived on the Earth and accomplished the Deed on Golgotha. The teachings are the accessories, they are secondary and inessential. Christianity must fight its way back to a recognition of this, and also to actually carrying it out."


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