Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Take, eat: this is my body"

Rudolf Steiner, from lecture 11 of The Fifth Gospel:

The feeling one has after death is as follows. I told you that the ether body expands after death and we see it as a kind of firmament forming a backdrop to everything else. The body of Christ Jesus, drained of blood and taken up into the Earth, is like the ground substance of this spreading ether body. It is seen as giving new life to the vast tableau of the ether body. Seeing this, we gain certainty that humanity will not perish but continue to live on as the spiritual content of the Earth when the physical part of it drops away just as the physical body of an individual human being drops away from the spiritual aspect. The I and the astral body certainly guarantee human freedom and immortality. But the individual human being would live on entirely by himself. He would arrive on Jupiter [the next incarnation of Earth] and not fit into Jupiter life if it were not for the fact that the Christ impulse entered into the Earth’s sphere, an achievement that will be taken on to Jupiter.

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