Monday, April 6, 2015

The Joy of Jupiter

"Rudolf Steiner has described a very significant relationship of the sphere of Jupiter to the human soul, which is established a considerable time before the soul enters through birth into earthly existence. In far realms of the spirit, the soul resolves to assume once again the weight of an earthly body. It begins to long for the conditions of earth, with all their hindrances, which provide man with the opportunity for developing his inner freedom. And in the sphere of Jupiter there streams into the soul a joyful sense that it will be able to encounter the heaviness of earth effectively. Joy in the acceptance and fulfillment of the tasks which are brought to us by our earthly destiny is a manifestation of the realm of Jupiter.
When in spring we see some of the earliest flowers with clear light yellow petals, this mood of Jupiter is reflected to us from the banks and meadows. To see many primroses, cowslips, and daffodils, in surroundings where they grow freely, is a good gift of destiny, akin to the conscious sight of Jupiter in the fields of the stars.”

from “The Seven Planets” by Adam Bittleston

Thank you, Eunice Maria Pinheiro!

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