Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How when tribulation cometh we must call upon and bless God. The Imitation of Christ, by Thomas à Kempis. Book 3, Chapter 29


Chapter 29: How when tribulation cometh we must call upon and bless God.

Blessed be thy name, O Lord, for evermore, who hast willed this
temptation and trouble to come upon me. I cannot escape it, but
have need to flee unto Thee, that Thou mayest succour me and turn
it unto me for good. Lord, now am I in tribulation, and it is
not well within my heart, but I am sore vexed by the suffering
which lieth upon me. And now, O dear Father, what shall I say?
I am taken among the snares. Save me from this hour, but for
this cause came I unto this hour, that Thou mightest be
glorified when I am deeply humbled and am delivered through Thee.
Let it be Thy pleasure to deliver me; for what can I do who am
poor, and without Thee whither shall I go? Give patience this
time also. Help me, O Lord my God, and I will not fear how much
soever I be weighed down.
And now amid these things what shall I say? Lord, Thy will be
done. I have well deserved to be troubled and weighed down.
Therefore I ought to bear, would that it be with patience, until
the tempest be overpast and comfort return. Yet is Thine
omnipotent arm able also to take this temptation away from me,
and to lessen its power that I fall not utterly under it, even as
many a time past thou has helped me, O God, my merciful God. And
as much as this deliverance is difficult to me, so much is it
easy to Thee, O right hand of the most Highest.

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