Thursday, July 24, 2014

Judith von Halle on "travelling back in time"

"My spiritual experience relates, on the one hand, to a direct--one could even say sensory--involvement in the historical events at the time of Christ. This experience, granted to me following stigmatization which began in 2004, can be pictured as a kind of 'travelling back in time,' involving all the sensory impressions we can have during ordinary waking life, but now in relation to a particular epoch and location. Thus the experience is not based on so-called visions or pure clairvoyance, nor imaginative pictures, but rather on direct witnessing of what actually happened on Earth. Besides visual perceptions of the individuals participating in the events at the time of Christ, together with their surroundings, culture, and way of life, all other senses available to us in normal waking consciousness are also involved. For instance the language being spoken can be heard, the ground beneath one's feet is felt, as are cold and heat."

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