Friday, July 4, 2014

Express your emotions!

from an Intuitive Health Analysis given by the School of Metaphysics:

"We see that within the emotional system that there is a type of passivity that is present. We see that this one attempts to be neutral in situations; however, we see that this is not always an honest assessment. Would suggest to this one that it is important for this one to release the restriction and to allow the emotions to be expressed, for we see that this one does need to begin to realize that the movement of the emotions is natural, is needed, and is a deliberate way that thoughts from the subconscious mind move out into the physical. Would suggest to this one to examine, to explore, to observe others that are expressive and to imitate, until this can begin to receive into the self this one's own pattern, this one's own style, this one's own expression."

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