Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A stigmatic regarding the Passion of Christ Jesus

Judith von Halle, a stigmatic, from her book Secrets of the Stations of the Cross and the Grail Blood (p. 99 fn.):

It belongs, surely, to  a schooling of broad-mindedness to be able to accompany in one's thoughts not only the lofty moments of Christ's incarnation but also the most degrading ones. Anyone who has ever experienced--in his soul or in a rudimentary way upon his own body--how the beloved Redeemer sacrificed all His powers for humanity will never wish to turn away and leave Him alone in His indescribable suffering in order to spare his own sensitivities. What, apart from our faith and Christian deeds, can we do for the Christ being other than at least participate in what was inflicted on Him by our own human race? How could we turn away? He suffered so greatly to endow us with the potential for freedom, and we find it too difficult to contemplate His suffering? People often refuse to believe in anything that unsettles the basis of their safe view of the world, even though it is beyond dispute. Those who establish a view of the world that prevents it ever disturbing them will not develop insight or knowledge. Knowledge is not merely given. It arises only in the earthly vale of incarnation, through love and suffering.

One insight which we can acquire from Christ's path of suffering is that the outer humiliations, the powerlessness, were a part of His sacrifice: that is, a penetration of the deepest point of human incarnation. Light can only shine for us when we are in darkness. The sacrifice of powerlessness is a great mystery of the Christ event.

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