Friday, March 5, 2010

Come, Lord Jesus!

"Jesus Christ acted out of his 'I' and he worked on the 'I' of his sick interlocutor. Healing no longer took place magically, circumventing the individual will of the sick person. On the contrary, in order to be effective Christ required the affirmative volition, and thus the willingness to receive, of the other self: 'Your faith helped you!' It is also explicitly noted in the gospels that Christ was only able to heal in this way. In Nazareth, where he encountered little faith, there was no healing activity. It is the affirmative power of faith, grounded in the 'I,' which is described by Rudolf Steiner as being able to receive the Christ impulse in a person's own being or which can work as the power of Christ in a person's soul: 'Everyone has faith who receives Christ within himself, so that Christ can live in him, and his 'I' is not just an empty vessel but overflows with content. And this overflowing content is none other than the overflowing content of love.'"

--Peter Selg, Seeing Christ in Sickness and Health: Anthroposophical Medicine as a Medicine Founded in Christianity, p. 30

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