Thursday, March 11, 2010

13 Ways of Looking at My Guru: Receiving the Holy Spirit

"It must be possible for individuals to transform their capacity for love into a power of perception."
—Rudolf Steiner

"From that point onward, those enlightened in this way—in other words, those who have received the Holy Spirit into themselves in the sense of Christian esotericism—speak differently. How so? When they speak about Saturn, Sun, and Moon or about the various members of the human constitution or processes of world evolution, they are not stating their positions or beliefs. Their views are left out of the picture entirely. When such people talk about Saturn, Saturn speaks through them. They are the instrument. The personal "I" sinks into oblivion, meaning that in such moments it ceases to be personal. The cosmic World-I then uses these individuals as tools, speaking through them."
--Rudolf Steiner, from p. 29 of Rudolf Steiner as a Spiritual Teacher by Peter Selg

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