Thursday, March 25, 2010

13 ways of looking at my guru. The thirteenth amid the twelve

"The Christ is a sort of focal point, in which the being works through his deed; the being works through what he is. Around the Christ sit the twelve boddhisattvas of the world, upon whom flows all that comes from the Christ, and they elevate it, in the sense of iincreased wisdom, to higher principles. Nevertheless, it all flows from the fourth principle--even upon the higher principles--insofar as these evolve on Earth."

"[How do the truths contained in the Gospels present themselves to us?] They come to us as though gushing forth--the perfect, highest good, directly from the being of Christ without effort or exertion of any kind--and speaking in such a way to hearts that allow themselves to be permeated by the Christ impulse, so that souls are illuminated and warmed through and through."

--Rudolf Steiner, "Cosmic 'I' and Human 'I'"

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