Saturday, April 1, 2023

I think, therefore I cromulate.


I think, therefore I cromulate.

I lift, therefore I am.

"It was a day of heavy cromulence..."

Once when I was in my forties I attended a Little League baseball game because I was friends with a player on one of the teams, the Giants. In the middle of the game I was suddenly struck by a mental thunderbolt and hollered out

Big G!
Big I!
Big Ants!

The unbearable cromulence of being

I once awoke from a dream with a chorus of human voices rhythmically intoning:

It's not much like Iwo Jima,

We just want to be a wima.

A perfectly cromulent question

A perfectly cromulent solution

A Perfectly Cromulent Headline

A Perfectly Cromulent Viewpoint

A Perfectly Cromulent Complaint

A Perfectly Cromulent Protocol

A Perfectly Cromulent Courtship

Cromulence, thy name is Matrimony!

A perfectly cromulent request

A perfect storm of cromulence

The novelist Evelyn Waugh married a woman who was also named Evelyn.

Their friends called them Hevelyn and Shevelyn.

A Perfectly Cromulent Motto

A Perfectly Cromulent Way To Be Or Not To Be

"I came here to play with my doll and to kick ass — and I'm all done with my doll."

A perfectly cromulent way to be

Billionaire Howard Hughes
with his perfectly cromulent footwear

A perfectly Cromulent Epiphany

An idea whose cromulence has come

"Be cromulent whenever possible. It is always possible."
— Faith Phoenix

Cromulence is as cromulence does.

Cromulence is in the eye of the beholder.

It's cromulence all the way down!

Cromulent Christianity

Cromulence the Clown

Our God is a consuming cromule.



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