Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Not I, but Christ in me


Rudolf Steiner:  "Deeper understanding than exists today is necessary before there can be any true conception of what came to pass on Golgotha. When Earth evolution began, the human ego was connected physically with the blood. The blood is the outer expression of the human ego. Men would have made the ego stronger and stronger, and if Christ had not appeared they would have been entirely engrossed in the development of egoism. They were protected from this by the Event of Golgotha. What was it that had to flow? The blood that is the surplus substantiality of the ego! The process that began on the Mount of Olives when the drops of sweat fell from the Redeemer like drops of blood was carried further when the blood flowed from the wounds of Christ Jesus on Golgotha. The blood flowing from the Cross was the sign of the surplus egoism in man's nature which had to be sacrificed. The spiritual significance of the sacrifice on Golgotha requires deep and penetrating study. The result of what happened there would not be apparent to a chemist — that is to say, to one with the power of intellectual perception only. If the blood that flowed on Golgotha had been chemically analyzed it would have been found to contain the same substances as the blood of other human beings; but occult investigation would discover it to have been quite different blood. Through the surplus blood in humanity men would have been engulfed in egoism if infinite Love had not enabled this blood to flow. As occult investigation finds, infinite Love is intermingled with the blood that flowed on Golgotha. The writer of the Gospel of St. Luke adhered to his purpose, which was to describe how through Christ there came into the world the infinite Love that would gradually drive out egoism."

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