Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Pentecost : I salute the Christ in you : Namaste

Rudolf Steiner:  "It is Christ himself, who goes from heart to heart, soul to soul, who traverses the world over the centuries, whether or not people understand him! We are obliged to put aside our ideas and our science and point to the reality, in order to show how mysteriously Christ himself changes into many thousands of impulses, immersing in thousands and thousands of souls and suffusing humanity. It is Christ himself who strode in the simple men through the Greek and Italian world; it is Christ himself who stood at the side of the later teachers who brought Christianity to the Germanic peoples. It is He, the real, true Christ, who goes from place to place, from soul to soul, regardless of what the people think of Christ, and immerses in their souls."

Thank you, Bruce Michael!

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