Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love is to lust as a train is to getting run over by a train.

 Woman Who Sent 65,000 Texts To First Date Says ‘Love Is An Excessive Thing’

"Sensuality is to love what sleep is compared to waking life."  —Novalis

Rudolf Steiner: 

"Many of you will certainly know that precisely in our present
materialistic age, this concept (love) is shoved into something else
and distorted, in that the materialism of our time forcibly places
the concept of love as close as possible to the concept of sexuality,
with which it has nothing to do!

This is a point where our present spiritual culture not only
departs from reason, but even departs from anything that is in some
way still allowable for healthy thinking. Here, through its
materialism, the development in our time not only comes into the un-
reasonable and the non-logical, but into the scandalous, when what we
can call "love" is so closely juxtaposed with the concept of

The fact that, under certain circumstances, in addition to the
love between man and woman, sexuality can enter in --- this fact does
not in itself give a justifiable foundation for bringing these
concepts as close together as possible --- on the one hand, the
comprehensiveness [inclusiveness] of love and empathy; and on the
other hand, the total specificness [exclusivity] of sexuality.

Logically, this is just as intelligent as, for example, putting
the concepts of the "locomotive" and "being run over" side by side as
two concepts that belong together, in the same way as today love and
sexuality [are believed to belong together]--- just because
occasionally, locomotives do run over people!!!

However, this close juxtaposition of the two concepts does not
stem from some sort of scientific pre-conception, but rather from the
nonsensical and utterly unwholesome way of thinking prevalent in our