Friday, June 15, 2018

The Human Equation

Ernst Lehrs:  "In order to characterize the nature of a real community, Dr. Steiner recalled in one of the beginning discussions how Hermann Grimm spoke of the friendship between Goethe and Schiller. If we wanted to express this friendship in a mathematical formula, we would not say 'G + S' but rather '(G + S) + (S + G).' A true community is more than the mere sum of its members. To what two such people represent, there comes a new, third element in addition."


Washed in the Blood of the Lamb are We
Awash in a Sonburst Sea
You—Love—and I—Love—and Love Divine:
We are the Trinity

You—Love—and I—We are One-Two-Three
Twining Eternally
Two—Yes—and One—Yes—and also Three:
One Dual Trinity
Radiant Calvary
Ultimate Mystery