Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Deep Holy Fire of Desire

"However, desire is holy ~ not because of what it is when unfulfilled, but for what it can culminate into when fully realized throughout every sphere of being so comprised. The answer to desires can be aligned on each plane upwards, for what is meant to say here is that the perfect culmination does not rest within the physical and astral experience alone and nor does it have to begin just there either. If the desire originates within the soul and then reaches down into the physical and astral fires, it will draw the man and the woman back up to the soul's experience when fulfilled. If the desire begins in seed with Father God and their love rests there, then also this shall be that the act will return in fulfillment to Him.
In one form or another, the conjoining of two and the desire therein has preexisted existence in every realm imaginable. The meeting of consciousness is just such an act - creative and powerful, resonating in the combining. Because of the meeting of 'two' there becomes a higher impetus, a greater desire for further communion, and a deeper holy fire of Father God then realized."