Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Genius of Language

Rudolf Steiner

To one who understands the sense of speech
The world unveils
Its image form.

To one who listens to the soul of speech
The world unfolds
Its true being.

To one who lives in the spirit depths of speech
The world gives freely
Wisdom's strength.

To one who lovingly can dwell on speech
Speech will accord
Its inner might.

So I will turn my heart and mind
Toward the soul
And spirit of words.

In love for them
I will then feel myself
Complete and whole.

— Rudolf Steiner

[This verse was given by Rudolf Steiner to the teacher of Greek and Latin, at the inauguration of high school classes in the first Waldorf school, Stuttgart, November 1922. Teacher and students were to speak it together at the beginning of class.]

Source: Rudolf Steiner, The Genius of Language, p. 7

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